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  Finn Pedersen
Everything that cannot be recycled or burned is considered normal garbage and should be dumped.




  • Asbestos (non dusty)
  • Plaster and insulation
  • PVC plastic items
  • Bricks from chimneys
  • Glazed tiles
  • Sanitary appliances, faience, ceramic and porcelain
  • Impregnated wood
  • Armoured glass and mirrors
  • General household garbage
  • Garbage to be burned
  • Garbage for recycling
  • Electrical items, such as washing machines
  • Garbage from the garden
  • Soil, sand, gravel and stone
  • Concrete and roof tiles

In Denmark, a law decision of 1 January 2004 implies, that a declaration of the garbage has to be presented with each load of garbage for the dumpsite. This declaration should contain the information on the sort of garbage, where it is from and so on. You can obtain the declaration from the website of the dumpsite in Klintholm as indicated here. We will of course be pleased to help you filling in the garbage declaration, if you so wish.

Download declaration here via Klintholm I/S.


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